Rise: An Evening with Gina Miller

05 May 2019

When in 2016, Gina Miller, the Guyanese and British Businesswoman, took the government to court over its threat to trigger Article 50 without parliamentary approval, she unleashed zealous responses to her exploits from all sides of the Brexit and political debate.

For many, Gina became a campaigning crusader, a beacon of hope for remainers. To others, she was a traitor, and her worst detractors let loose a torrent of vile and racist abuse. From the beginning, Gina maintained that her actions were not a partisan response to Brexit, but rather a matter of democratic principal, but more recently, she has spoken openly of her sadness and fears for what was set in motion by the referendum. In the face of intense scrutiny, Gina has continued to speak out.

Named by Powerlist in 2017 as ‘the UK’s most influential black person’, Gina’s impact on British society and the quality of debate is not in question. Her book Rise: Life lessons in Speaking Out, Standing Out and Leading the Way discusses her struggle to improve transparency and accountability in both the business world and the charity sector.

Join us for an evening that will undoubtedly empower everyone to discover their voice and ‘Rise.’

Image: Emma Freeman Portraits

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Rise: An Evening with Gina Miller