In Conversation with Bret Easton Ellis

28 April 2019

Fane Productions in association with Picador present bestselling author, screen writer and social commentator Bret Easton Ellis for a special event celebrating the publication of his first work of nonfiction, White.

Catapulted into the limelight in 1985 his writing earned him devoted fans and, perhaps, even fiercer enemies. Ellis is an enigmatic figure who has always gone against the grain and refused categorization, his work capturing the depravity of the eighties with one of contemporary literature’s most polarizing characters, American Psycho‘s iconic, terrifying Patrick Bateman.

Combining personal reflection and social observation, White is an incendiary polemic about this young century’s failings, e-driven and otherwise, and at once an example, definition, and defence of what “freedom of speech” truly means. White is both a denunciation of censorship, particularly the self-inflicted sort committed in hopes of being “accepted,” and a bracing view of a life devoted to authenticity.

Bret has continued his legacy as someone determined to speak the truth with his trademark candour and gallows humour, however painful it might be, and whom people accordingly either love or love to hate.

Interviewed live on stage and with the chance to put your own questions to Bret, this live exploration of both his career and the themes of White is surely not an event to miss. 

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In Conversation with Bret Easton Ellis