Nadiya Hussain: Finding My Voice

15 October - 06 December 2019

'I am their daughter. They are me. I am my Baba's stubborn back bone and his great brows. I am my mum's resilience and wide birthing hips. I am their traditions, their hang ups, their loss, their tears. I am their human, their child.'

Born on Christmas Day to parents who had emigrated to Britain from Bangladesh, Nadiya Hussain grew up in a Muslim family with 5 siblings. She entered an arranged marriage aged 20, becoming a wife and mother herself, suffers with panic disorder and had never been on a train on her own until she travelled to film her first episode of the Great British Bake-Off: I was everything – a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother – but I still was nowhere near finding me.

This Autumn, Nadiya will be interviewed live on stage to celebrate the publication of her memoir Finding My Voice. Join the TV presenter, chef and bestselling author, as she considers her roles as mother, Muslim, working woman and celebrity, and questions the barriers which many women must cross to be accepted or heard. In her own warm, honest and humorous way, Nadiya highlights how, at the core of it all, we are essentially tackling the same issues despite our cultural, social and religious differences.

Copies of Nadiya’s new book Finding My Voice will be on sale at each venue and the events will be followed by a signing with Nadiya.

Presented by Fane Productions in collaboration with Headline
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Nadiya Hussain: Finding My Voice