Catherine Mayer: FFS

February - April 2019

The author and Women’s Equality Party co-founder is at the end of her tether. A better, brighter, more equal future shimmers on the horizon, yet we seem to be hurtling in the opposite direction.

Deranged presidents and dangerous populists aren’t the only culprits. As progressive movements do battle with each other and among themselves, Mayer draws on her front-line experiences of journalism and politics to explain how debates became so damagingly polarised.

Is identity politics to blame? What makes us mistrust everyone but fall for fake news? Why do TED Talks bring Mayer out in hives? And does pee-proof underwear really threaten democracy? Mayer says yes.

A Funny, Free-wheeling Show about soundbite culture in a messy world. Go and see it: For Future’s Sake.

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Catherine Mayer: FFS