Mae Martin and Deborah Frances-White in Conversation

14 August 2019

A co-production with The National Theatre

Why do we find the topic of sexuality so fraught, and confusing? In a world that is full of things to worry about, who we fall in love with should not be one of them. From the pros and cons of labeling our identities, to coming out and sexual fluidity, there seems to be so much to get hung up about.

Comedian and writer Mae Martin, author of Can Everyone Please Calm Down? A Guide to 21st Century Sexuality is in conversation with Deborah Frances-White, comedian and creator of the award-winning The Guilty Feminist podcast and bestselling book, celebrated for their candid discussions of what it means to be a 21st century feminist.

Mae's new book, like her stand-up comedy, is deeply confessional, highlighting the personal and human things that unite us rather than those that separate us. Together they boldly, intelligently and hilariously investigate these themes and many more.

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