In Conversation with Edna O'Brien

05 September 2019

A co-production with The National Theatre

An unmissable evening with the remarkable Edna O’Brien, the multi-award winning Irish author, on the day her latest novel, Girl, is published. Her first novel since 2015’s celebrated The Little Red Chairs, be the first to hear about this major new work and spend time with one of our greatest living authors.

Captured, abducted and married into Boko Haram, the narrator of this story witnesses and suffers the horrors of a community of men governed by a brutal code of violence. Barely more than a girl herself, she must soon learn how to survive as a woman with a child of her own. Just as the world around her seems entirely consumed by madness, bound for hell, she is offered an escape of sorts – but only into another landscape of trials and terrors amidst the unforgiving wilds of northeastern Nigeria, through the forest and beyond; a place where her traumas are met with the blinkered judgement of a society in denial. How do we love in a world that has lost its moorings? How can we comprehend the barbarism of our enemies, and learn forgiveness for atrocities committed in the name of ideology?

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In Conversation with Edna O'Brien